Artist Statement

Through the materiality of paint I am able to capture and invent a moment removed from time, only referencing its passing by the layers that build up to reveal a history. Figures find definition as paint is formed in a landscape of suggestions. My paintings only capture a moment but through materials I can suggest their history. The figures in my work are reminiscent of the various versions that are born of ourselves as we transpire through life. My paintings often focus on a character or a series of characters. In order to depict them, I must understand their perspective. It is essential to create their facial expression just right, so it can create a connection. Rather than trying to explain a moment, I show it by capturing the most revealing part. 

The mind is rapidly changing and adapting to interact with the evolving world. One thing can be made from a multitude, both in ourselves and through the build up of layer atop of layer. The materiality of the pencils, pigments, acrylic and oil paint that I use are manipulated to present an image that comes into focus through time. My goal in this act is to celebrate a history, or a collection of events, by attaining a densely built up surface. The hard facts of narratives unravel in my work, focusing instead on the resonation of chaos and the emotions that reside in the turmoil of recollecting specific triggering and painful events.

Brief Biography

Niki Croom currently lives in Columbia, South Carolina. At a young age Niki Croom developed an interest in painting. 

Niki applied to the Visual Arts program at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities, a public residential high school in Greenville, South Carolina.  The Governor’s school opened up a whole new world through ceramics, printmaking, stone carving, painting, and photography taught by established, practicing artists. While there, Niki began to shift from seeing herself as a painter as she found her paintings too unresolved and personal to share with the world. This led her to explore her interest in ceramics and sculpture. Niki integrated her painting techniques into each unique ceramic art piece for use in the functional world of consumption and indulgence. Niki graduated from the nationally-recognized school where she received pre-professional arts training, strengthening her artistic voice. 

Niki Croom went on to attend the Fine Arts program at Alfred University in Alfred New York where she learned from and worked with world-renowned artists. During her junior year she took an oil painting class. She decided to incorporate the human body into her paintings. Soon she fell in love with the figure and the vulnerability she found in it. It is the vulnerability behind her paintings that made her fall in love with painting all over again. Niki’s paintings are created in a home environment where she lives with them, loves them, and then lets them go to be their own identity.


Please visit my work at my favorite galleries!

- Magnolia Emporium- Charlotte, NC

- Green With Envy- Charlotte, NC 

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All art & images by Niki Croom