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Artist Statements

Pottery Statement:

I create pottery that turns every day moments into celebrations by injecting each piece with equal parts whimsy and intricacy. Using porcelain for its color and texture, I throw and alter forms that are simultaneously delicate and robust. I get inspiration from my pen and ink illustrations that focus on the female figure. For contrast against the white porcelain, I use black underglaze to intuitively decorate each piece with pattern, relatable imagery, and subtle humor, ultimately creating pots that bring a tablescape to life.

Painting Statement:

   My paintings capture a moment removed from time, only referencing its passing by the layers that build up to reveal a history. Just like people contain many layers, my paintings are constructed gradually, layer by layer, using acrylic paint, pencils and markers until the vision comes into focus. My goal in this act is to celebrate this history, or collection of events, by attaining a dense and complex surface. The use of color, texture and light conveys emotions. I’m drawn to creating tension between what appears on the outside versus the turmoil that rages within. Rather than trying to explain a moment I show it by capturing the most revealing part.

Brief Biography

IMG_6068 (2).jpg

    Croom committed to an art career when she was accepted to the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities, a public residential high school in Greenville, South Carolina. Croom then attended the Fine Arts program at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. During this time she concentrated in ceramics and painting. Croom graduated from Alfred University with the solo show Self Reflections, Turner Gallery, Alfred, New York in December 2019. Since graduating Croom has pursued her artistic career, continuing to create pottery, paintings and sometimes even sculptures. Croom has given artist interviews for NPR Colorado Public Radio and the blog Heybaebae. Croom was accepted into Artfields 2021 and Artfields 2022.

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