Wake Up! And Have A Good Day Place Setti

In my ceramics I pay great attention to the surface, adding extremly fine, intricate designs. Layers of slips, underglazes, and glazes are utilized to achieve the color palette and imagery that I desire. 


Somber Love

My paintings are dependent on the many steps that I take to further develop my imagery and surface qualities.  The use of color, line and an emphasis on texture is consistent throughout my work.  


Sculpture has always been a strong influence in my work. I consider myself many things as an arist, and a scupltor is at the heart of these things, no matter what I am delving into. 

Upcoming and Current Shows:

April 23 - May 1, 2021:

ArtFields at The R.O.B. in Lake City, SC

Please visit my work at my favorite galleries

- Magnolia Emporium- Charlotte, NC

- Green With Envy- Charlotte, NC 

All art & images by Niki Croom